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The Prize is Not as Great as You Think

Dramatis Personae

Athelstan ‘Alan’ Perry-Bastard son of the Grand Prince of Almondy

Prince Reginald Baxter Simeon Fitzroy Perry-Heir of throne of Almondy

Grand Prince Michael Alan Henry Fitzroy Perry-Ruler of Almondy

Michael VII-Grand Prince around 1640’s

Gerald Henry William Fitzroy Perry-2nd in line to Grand Prince

Princess Margaritte-sister of Baron William

Baron William Fitzroy Perry-Leader of government

Samuel-Bodyguard of Crown Prince Reginald

Franc-Bodyguard of Crown Prince Reginald

The Citizens of Splatz
Henry Samuelson-Carter
Father Guiseppe
Doctor Coyne
Chief Constable Lestaing
Master Helmut-a Farmer and neighbor of Prince Gerald’s
Farmer Friedrich
Mr. Mueller
Master and Mistress Bette Kramer-onwers of the Blue Belle
Hilda-maid at the Blue Belle
Mr. Granowitz–the Bookseller
Mayor Goretz–previous mayor of Splatz

Captain Sir David Lieven-Captain in First Cavalry Regiment
Captain Adolphus Krabbe
Sergeant Phillipe

William Glau
Henry Levi
Francois Diedrou


Celebont Palace-The premier castle of the Grand Prince of Almondy

Ritzlauer Hotel-Where Athelstan Perry lives


Almondy-Our mythical Country, north of Switzerland

Castle Repos where Reginald is headed to spend a few weeks before he is killed

South Street

The High Street

St. Alban’s Square

The Cathedral of St. Alban

Splatz--Small village where Prince Gerald has his farm on the outskirts of

Nantz--nearest town to Splatz and Castle Grayton where there is a railroad stop

Castle Grayton--Hunting Lodge near Splatz of Prince Reginalds

Glemaire–Village between Splatz and Nantz

The Project:

We now present you with the serialization of The Prize is Not As Great As You Think. (Once published these pages will no doubt be archived.) That has been the working title and it is possible that before all is done, something different will suggest itself. Something shorter.

This piece is a Ruritanian Romance. Ruritanian Romances are works by Edgar Rice Burroughs
the The Mad King
as well as the first in the genre, The Prisoner of Zenda

To prep you, the tale deals with events in the Grand Duchy of Almondy, as  described:


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One of the characteristics of a good Ruritanian Romance is intrigue. And as you can tell from the position of the country, the buffer between Germany and France, there certainly will be opportunity for it. With such neighbors, and set 836 years after the conquest. The conquest that took place the same year the William invaded England and defeated Harold. The year of our story begins in 1902, September.

A period of time when the Great War is brewing.

And a period of time when one inside Almondy strives to better himself. We meet our story’s Nemesis in this first chapter. The son of the Grand Prince, but the bastard son. A relationship that reforming Grand Princesses of some generations before excluded from the inheritance. Bastards had until recent times been able to inherit the mantle of rule, but no longer. A change such as this surely can cause resentment, especially in a man who had talents.

Talents that are so much more obvious than say the legitimate son might show. We meet the heir of the Grand Prince, and the current Grand Prince as well. We see a little of the Celebont Palace of Steilenberg which is the capital of the Grand Principality.

   bordered the north of Switzerland. To the east was France and now Belgium. The Germanies to the west, and finally the Netherlands to its north. Almondy was landlocked.’

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