Manuscript Criteria

Margins: 1.5 inches top on first page of each chapter, 1 inch margin on all succeeding pages

Font: Times New Roman, Garamond, Book Antigua, 12 pt.

Spacing: Double spaced

Numbering: Pages numbered top right

Heading: Author’s name on each page, top left.

Typeface: Use of bold and Italic type within manuscript is acceptable. Otherwise, no distinctive type faces, please.

Spell Check: Manuscript must be spell-checked before submission. Good spelling and grammar mark the hallmark of this craft. Submission severely lacking that become a detriment to reading the work, will invariably be rejected.

Submission Guidelines

Steps to Publication

A good story will find itself into print. Here is how with us...

  1. 1.Step One: Please fill out the Book Proposal Form (click on Submission Form button). It will email automatically to Regency Assembly Press.

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Submission FormSubmission_Form.html
  1. 2.Step Two: Upon Regency Assembly Press’ acceptance of your Book Proposal, we will ask you to email the first 3 chapters or fifty pages (whichever is less) to Note that you should have written these and proofed them before submitting your Book Proposal Form.

  2. 3.Step Three: Upon our Acceptance for Publication, we will ask you to then send Regency Assembly Press the entire manuscript (again completed manuscript before querying regarding a book proposal, printed to specifications, and your signed contract. Steps 3 and on will require hard printed copy submissions as well as electronic submissions.

  3. 4.Step Four: Revise/correct manuscript, as suggested by Regency Assembly Press editors, and return your fresh printout to Regency Assembly Press, as well as a digital copy on CD.

  4. 5.Step Five: While manuscript undergoes final editing, approve cover design.

  5. 6.Step Six: Author will receive galleys for last review prior to publication. Author will contribute material for Regency Assembly Press website.

  6. 7.Step Seven: Publication.

Regency Assembly Press pays authors 55% of the profit of each book from the start, less publication, and shipping costs. We encourage authors to purchase as many, or as few, of their own titles as they wish. There is a nominal charge per order to do this.

Payments are made quarterly for the previous quarter’s sales. Manuscripts accepted for publication, if not near ready for publication, will be edited at a nominal hourly fee.

Regency Assembly Press assumes the expenses of pre-publication design, maintenance of a sales channel through the press, and the Press’ web site.

We enjoy communicating with our clientele ( and will do our best to help authors achieve publication!


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