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Steam and Thunder: Book One of the Creationist Duology

Dramatis Personae

Jacklincoln Cartwright - Our hero. The Inventor of the Steam Twirler

Princess Annaxier Farserit - The celebrations of the Princess’ birth is the first memory that Jac has. She is the daughter of the king of Hornik, Lancellnick Farserit

Samathon Cartwright - Father of Jac

Vivan Carthwright - Mother of Jac

Milosk Cartwright - Great Uncle of Jac

Master Builder Mikonal Gearman-Master Builder of Firtoskin to Cawless Canal

Lord Colndefroc - Governor of Cawless

Master Fenntrel - Wheelwright in Cawless

Master Jamestash - Metalsmith in Cawless

Master Carlincoln - Sawyer in Cawless

Master Gunthertic - Jeweler in Cawless

Master Mikaelstan - Glazier in Cawless

Lincarjirt - Uncle of Jac, Pater (Priest) of Krien, Under ArchPater of Krien

Henriforlu - Cousin of Jac, journeyman at Cartwright Foundry

Karlplatt - Senior apprentice at Cartwright Foundry

Kathierin Cartwright - Sister of Jac

Coloskthon - Brother of Jac

Melissandier Cartwright-Sister of Jac


General Artshikal-Tutor for Jac

General Barthome-Tutor for Jac

Cortormain-Journeyman at Gearman and Cartwright Creatory

Henrycarmon-Apprentice at Gearman and Cartwright Creatory

Lem-Bodyguard for Jac

Pad-Bodyguard for Jac

Sergeant Formilham-Princess Annaxier bodyguard

King Lancellnick-King of Hornik

Prince Edmanstow-Crown Prince of Hornik

Lord Riclarpur-Son and heir of the Duke of Conlinton

Lord Perimont-Part of Prince Edmanstow’s retinue

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Steam and Thunder

The Project

Today we begin the weekly serialization of Steam and Thunder. I expect to have one chapter, having gone through my editing process, ready for you each week.

If you feel so inclined to provide feedback for the project that would be great as well.

Steam and Thunder takes a look at the marriage of Steam, invention and innovation to feudal society and the agrarian economies that exist around such a period.

We had the boiling of water. We had pinwheels (400 BC). We had steam rooms in the stone age.

How long before someone thinks to just put a covered pot of boiling water that releases steam and pushed a pinwheel around? The genesis of the steam engine.

An Aeolipile was discussed by Hero of Alexandria in the first century.

We have Taqi al-Din describing a steam turbine in 1551.

Our story takes place in a world, much like our own, but a few hundred years earlier, where we meld the properties of steam and create a rudimentary engine. One that can turn into a functional engine.

But that is part of the backstory that you will find here. Though the period of invention and hard work to turn a simple device that turns a little windmill device and toots a horn into a working machine will take years, those that participate along the way will contribute to not only one innovation, but others that are suggested by it.

And these innovations will need men and women to build them. The second sons and daughters from the farms who seek a different life, a more lucrative life in the cities where new made factories support the building of new devices.

That is the world that I create and work towards showing you here.


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