Regency Research

Listed on this page are resources that the reader might need to decipher the more archaic parts of our stories.


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Having Trouble with the language of the Regency? (Click here)Regency_Lexicon.html
Regency Lexicon (Slang)
Regency TimelineRegency_Timeline.html
Want to know what happened during the Regency Era (1788 to 1837) from when George III was first mad to Victoria? (Click here)Regency_Timeline.html
Having Trouble with the Money used in the Regency? (Click here)Regency_Money.html
Regency MoneyRegency_Money.html
Regency Prime MinistersRegency_Prime_Ministers.html
Want to know who governed during the Regency Era (1788 to 1837.) 
 (Click here)Regency_Prime_Ministers.html
Want to learn about the dances done at Almacks and at the Balls given in honor of all our Regency Heroines? (Click here)Dance_Instructions.html
Regency DancingDance_Instructions.html
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