As with the history of Regency Assembly Press, the story of If All the World Were Paper Books comes first from the authors of California State Fullerton’s Writing Program. As writers within the group explored their art and craftsmanship, this grew to become the publishing arm of Regency Assembly Press to represent their and other’s works.

This imprint of Regency Assembly Press is focused on tools for the writer as the traditional route to publication has changed. The Computer Age and Information Age has begun the slow demise of the large publishing houses, and authors can transition to selling their works online without the age-old guardians.

The name of our imprint is the first line in a poem that was set to a Renaissance dance of the same name. A play on words as Paper Books are disappearing:


            If all the World were Paper

            And all the Seas were Ink

            If all the Trees were Bread and Cheese

            What we would have for drink

            If all the bottles Leaked

            And none had but a Crack

            If Spanish Apes ate all the Grapes

            What would we do for Sack

Here are new tools to help writers achieve success under the new paradigm.

If All the World Were Paper Book’s Story

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Mission:A small publisher of guides to help one in the new age of Publishing.

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